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A fair warning: to me Johnlock is real. Always has been, forever will be. I usually forget to tag my johnlockery stuff but I don't tend to blog NSFW.


He’s always walked like that.

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Oh! (link)

"Who can enter?
Great Britain residents (excluding N.I., Channel Islands and Isle of Man) over the age of 16 only”

well then. never wanted to have a nice cuppa with neither of them anyways.



Look at them. Look at the brothers.  

Look at the haughty raised chin because appearances must always be kept, even if you’ve been caught on the hop by emotions or at the gym.

Look at the posture, ditto on appearances. Whether in a morning suit or lycra, a Holmes maintains his posture.  And his composure.

And the hand. The left hand and the curling fingers of impatience? Frustration? Frustration because they are brothers and love eachother really but it can’t easily be expressed?

Was this directed? Did one watch the other and take the gestures on?

Acting. It’s rather lovely.  Especially when done so blinking well.

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Ah, breathing. Breathing’s boring.

Ah, breathing. Breathing’s boring.

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Granada Holmes : The Dancing Men (1984)

"John Watson, you keep me right" - The Sign of Three (BBC Sherlock)

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Night, Mrs Hudson!

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